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My Latest Shoot

Hello everyone. I am a new member here. I am also comparatively a new photographer, just around a year in professional photography. I look forward to sharing my work and learning from you all. These are a few photos from my latest shoot. Do give me your feedback pls.

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I like the shots. If anything I would make her warmer. She isnt saturated like the background is. Or just desaturated the background. Great shots.

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Thank you! I think the problem is with my monitor calibration. Now I see the photos in my cell phone I can see the difference. Will recalibrate and edit!

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Okay recalibrated my monitor...Do you see any difference?

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She looks more natural in this one. Did you use a gel initially?

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Nope, no gel..

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Hey, nice work. My personal 2c is I would have exposed the model just a bit more with relation to the background. I would also use a larger light source and slightly higher up to make the light look more motivated- as the viewer I think you want them to believe she is being illuminated by the ambient city light, whereas currently I can very easily tell this is lit artificially. With all that light behind her, it is visually distracting that there is no back light hitting her- you can add this in with exposure ambient or preferably with a controlled hair-light. The posing and expression can also use refinement- have the model part her lips, lose the sunglasses (it's night), and I would avoid ground-posing unless it is high-fashion- which her wardrobe does not indicate.

That is just my 2c- I agree with below comment that the main light could be gelled, maybe with a 1/4 CTO just to warm up a bit with the background. Welcome to the community and keep on shooting!