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First steps into fashion shoots

Hello there,
I will start by saying that I am at the beginning with fashion photography but I enjoy every step that I take.
I hope this photo is a step into the right direction. I am waiting for your comments and critique.

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David Moore's picture

I like the color work.

Sennia Kyle's picture

Lighting, color and composition are all good. "Model" looks bored or irritated and has lackluster posing, tense mouth, and sunglasses covering her face in a way that doesn't seem to add anything to the photo.

All in all this does not look like fashion photography, it looks like a snapshot taken while traveling but with really good lighting and color toning.

Tunji Faluyi's picture

your comment was very spot on it would've been a great photo with a better model

Robert Coppa's picture

great color grade :)

Silviu Gheorghe's picture

Thank you all for the comments and I must agree with Sennia. I will keep that in mind for the next shoot. This was realy hellpful.