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How to handle a model who wants to edit your photos?

Hi everyone. I recently conducted a trade shoot with some amazing models for our swimwear portfolios. One of the models is now requesting I send her high-res files so that she may edit them (vague).

Thus far I culled the images from our shoot, color-corrected, and sent 2000px jpegs for her to use on instagram. I let her know that I will send the retouched versions of the best images gradually as they are completed.

Bear in mind, this is a trade shoot, so I handle things a little differently than with a paid client. Just wondering what is best practice for this type of request- she is likely to post images she edits to social media with me listed, so if it does not reflect my standard of quality or overall style, I would rather not invite that option...

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Why not send them to her and ask her NOT to credit you for the edited versions? You're not losing anything and you're keeping a collaborator happy. Don't forget: she is trusting you not to make her look bad - she doesn't have any say over which images you use or what you do to them. You're not legally obliged, but legal and fair are two different things.

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I think this depends on your branding. I agree with David Mawson, who left a comment below. At the same time, if she edits them, and she isn't good at it and gives you photo credits, you may lose face.
I bend over backwards for excellent models who agree to TFP, especially those who bring clients or provide referrals for jobs.

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That makes sense, however I can't imagine ever releasing RAW files for this. At best, large size 4000-5000 pxel jpegs?