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Some Fashion Fun

We got out in the evening to do a little portfolio session in the desert and it carried on until after dark in a makeshift garage studio. We hit three locations in the 4 hour session since we didn't want the fancy hair, makeup and five outfits to go to waste.
Location 1) A flood control culvert under the railroad tracks out in the desert.
Location 2) A nearly abandoned road where we tried some slow shutter speed stuff with manually controlled flash.
Location 3) A makeshift studio in the model's garage (mine garage is too small with a very low ceiling).
Tiffanie loves the white backdrop and I had to do those before she would even try to shoot on a black backdrop. She was worried that her black lingerie would disappear and the shots would be worthless.

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Yikes! 5 stars bro!!! How did you work out the night shot with the stars?

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Super slow 30 sec exposure. It got dark a little quicker than we were expecting and I figured I might as well try something different with nearly no ambient light at all. The bright one is a tiny sliver of the moon but with the long exposure it looked more like a bright star. It was fairly breezy and most of the shots have her dress as a blur and she kept getting blown over trying to hold still for the long exposure (we had a modelling light so I could focus).