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Feedback on Background Lightning

Hey guys, new to the group, I'm actually still in high school, and just started retouching this photo from a recent shoot so neither color or retouch is finished but I wanted some feedback about the contrast with the dark background, I personally like the dramatic light, but what does everyone think.

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I like contrast, but this looks overall underexposed rather than dramatic or contrasty - you can't see really any detail in the clothing of the model on the right, which is the entire point of fashion photography. The railing going through the middle of their heads is pretty distracting too. It looks like this was a snapshot of some friends taken in front of a building instead of a deliberate use of location, so in that respect, it could work but perhaps at a different angle with a different composition. Especially with the horizontal orientation - if this was vertical and actually showing more of the clothing and the models it would look better.

I'd bring up the exposure, add contrast with a curves layer, and ditch that railing. Or look for another shot that is composed better, if you have one.

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Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it, cheers :)