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Critics welcome

Hello Experts,
I am just a beginner to the fashion photography and I am based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Please do me a favour. This is just a shoot I did 2 weeks ago and preparing final pictures. I need to know the issues you experts found on it(retouch/lighting/detail loss etc...). Thank you very much for your time.

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Hi I am new here and new to fashion photography so take this as you wish. But I really like the tones and poses in the last 2 images. (the middle one is particularly lovely) They are lovely. I feel the face is a little to white/bright compared to the rest of the image.

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Thanks Jesisca for the comment. yes the last one is little bit brighter than the other images. I think this is happened when getting the tone which wanted to get. but I think it could be done if i tried it with little amount of more time carefully.