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May 2015 Fstoppers Contest

This thread is the official thread for the May 2015 Fstoppers Contest ending on June 1st.  In order to enter a chance to win 3 Fstoppers Flash Discs OR a tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, submit your best Fashion related photograph below.  All Entries must be made before 11:59 EDST on May 31st to be eligible.  

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love the site! have a great one!

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Cigar - The Elephant Room, Raffles Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Becky Burton for Kaori's Latex Dreams.

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posting from two of my shoots. you can check other pictures at

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Fashion Show

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Feeling a bit blue...

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Fly away Fashion

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Old fashion.

Lady Madrid... one left flash

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Christalynn looking amazing on set.

I built this set to look like a abandon mansion than worked with a killer team to bring the look of the girls home. You can see more on my website if you like: www.jesseaustin.tv or following Instagram: @jesseaustinphoto


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is it just 1 image?

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It's the hat . . .

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Upside down...

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Into the woods...

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Shot taken of Amy at the Sydney shipping yards.

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One of my favorite pieces from a fashion shoot last year.

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Into the mirror

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Took this in my living room "studio" with a 61 inch PLM with diffuser at 45 degrees camera right.


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Photography : Image Faktory
Fashion Shoot for 11 Studio Productions
Model: Eleonora Bobyleva
HMUA: Robbin Tai
Stylist / Clothing Designer: Jean Dara

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first photos are from fashion shoot in Times Square with designs by Beth Anne Pedersen, model in red dress is from Shoot in Calgary Alberta, 3rd model is from shoot in Banff Alberta with another of Beth's designs. If you like my work, please check out my other stuff at www.troyyoungphotography.com and say hello :)

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From a recent session.


Vintage opulence...

Another image from my vintage opulence shoot.

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Model : Tiffiny
From My "Fashion Killa" Mini Series
Check out more of my work www.prycelesspictures.com

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Model : Jade
Check out more of my work www.prycelesspictures.com

This was taken on Peter Coulson's natural light workshop - no reflectors/flash/anything. He just takes you around with a camera. All with no photoshop, straight out of camera raw. I'd highly recommend going if you can.

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so hard to chose just one

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natural light

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It's more fun in the Philippines

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***City boy

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Stunning Oksana

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Most of my fashion work worth noting is for bridal designers. The b/w is from Polaroid Type 54 negative captured on location during bridal fashion advertising shoot. The other image is a composite of a studio model image and stock background.

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Dreamy !! Nice !

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A couple of my personal favorites from this year so far.

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great contest

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Off Roading country girl!

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My first try at fashion

A recent edit...

Performance costumes

Bohemian inspired shoot with Rachel, All natural light.

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