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Alias "the self made indian" captured on what he loves

Hi guys,

I'm an Austrian based photographer, who does portraits, weddings and virtual tours.
Since more than two years I started to slow down, I started to shoot film (partly on weddings too) on a manual focus medium format camera.

I traveled lots around the world to shoot portraits of characters on the street. Today I wanna share the story about Alias from Seattle.

I walked down the Ave and shot already some portraits of people there. after I saw Alias I knew I had to ask him about an portrait too.
Alias told me, that he loves black and white images and showed me an old photo of Sitting Bull. He loves Indian stuff. Everything you see on him, was made by himself.
We listened to some music and I heard lots of his stories after two days sitting with him. I knew I had to send him somehow his own portrait in black and white.
This was quite a challenge, but I knew already he sits on this corner for 30 years, so he will sit there for some time in the future too.
During my time with Alias, I met Alan (Also a guy who shoots film). So I ask Alan if I can send him the pictures, so he can handover them to Alias.
So he did and Alias was really excited and happy about that.

Here the analog photo of Alias I shot:

The whole Story about him:

And here the analog picture of Alias seeing his own analog black and white photograph for the first time:

Thanks a lot to Alan for helping me out.

Funny thing was, that my Selfie with Alias got explored on flicker :)

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