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Idea for photo ratings!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, this is to ask you all to please go rate and comment on the images on my portfolio, since a lot if images are rated either higher or lower than I would expect compared to my others, so I would like to get more votes on them.

Secondly, I have a suggestion to the fstoppers.com staff. There should be some algorithm that randomizes photos when you click "rate another" so that people who have rated many photos and participated in many threads will be prioritized over people who have rated less photos. It would also have to include the popularity of the photo, so that the photos that have 100 votes already are not being voted on again, and the ones with 0-5 votes are more likely to appear.

Finally, I have a suggestion to the community. Rate tons of photos. It's not hard to do, and it is really helpful to the photography.

OH I FORGOT! One more fstoppers.com staff suggestion. Make it possible to only vote specific categories of photos. I have little knowledge in and don't like portraits or beauty or nudes, and I think it is unfair if I vote on them. There should be a selection of which categories you want to vote for so I can vote only sports, landscapes, and cars (for example)

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this! Happy to help with the algorithm as much as I can!

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Bill Peppas's picture

I'm with you on the selecting of category when rating photos.

Apart from rating a lot of photos, critique & feedback should also be given and paid attention to.

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I do agree with that, especially if someone rates it a one or a two. That's fine, i realize i make bad photos, but let me know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it

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Yeah I really wish there was a bit more community help as far as rating photos and commenting. Sometimes images in the groups are never even looked at.

Also if I give a photo a high rating I don't always like that it appears in my public favorites. Favorites should be separate.

Tyler Newcomb's picture

I agree with that, but the photographer should see who gave it a high rate

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That would be a bad thing in most cases.
People will simply down-rate whoever they think ( or actually does ) down-rated them, etc etc.
Most people can't be totally honest and sincere on rating photos.
Friendships are involved, business relationships, different knowledge levels, different views ( don't forget that photography is a subjective matter just like women, three men can look at a woman, with one of them seeing her as a beauty goddess, the other as a mediocre one, and the other may not like her at all ), etc.

The ratings being anonymous is a good thing, trust me, I've seen this thing with no anonymity in ratings take down a lot of sites & communities.

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That's true, i didn't think of that.

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Hi Tyler, this is an interesting idea, I will reach out to our IT guy who works with the backend of the site to see what he might say!

FS developer here, The way the "rate another" button currently works, is each time you click there is 3 in 4 chance (or some thing like that) it will be a photo that has no ratings at all or a small number of votes, so we can try to get photos no one has seen to be voted on. I do like the idea of having a category context when rating. Just not sure how that UI would look. But we'll put some more thought into it.

Generally speaking, there are a lot more changes and updates coming to the community/photos/profiles section of the site, hopefully you'll like them.

I think the challenge with any photo community is incentivising the users to participate. most people just want to get praise on their own stuff, they don't want to bother with commenting and rating others. We're open to suggestions on how to get the community more active.

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Thanks for responding! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with

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New to the community here and very amateur but I'll certainly take a look.

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I have another idea to improve the rating system. I think it would be nice to introduce weighting the votes. Say one of the best photographers gives me 5 stars and Mr X with no portfolio or very low rated one gives me 3 stars and eventually my average score is 4. I would love to see that the best-rated photographers votes mean a lot more than snapshot photographers. It would be fair that people who are exceptional in their craft have more solid votes. The higher rated is your portfolio the higher weight has your vote. I saw similar voting system somewhere else and I think it works really good.