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Pond5 royalties stolen? Any options for me?

Hi guys,

I've been a fan of the site for years and was hoping someone there may have encountered a situation like this and can point me in the right direction. I currently sell stock photos through pond5.com and apparently all of my account payments ($8,000) that were in the pond5 system were paid out to a payoneer account that isn't mine. At this juncture i've spoken to them multiple times and basically am getting the run around as far as telling me that someone must have had my password (which I know is not the case) and logged in and changed the payment method... that there is nothing they can do.

Now, since you and the team there have had more experience in this, is there anything you have seen that would protect me here or help me out? Basically pond5 has sold my images and I have not been paid any royalties per their agreement (they paid someone apparently, but not me...). Their contributor agreement does seem to say that they will pay me, of course, so can I use this to make demands or something similar? I have not made much progress and at this time am just being told 'tough luck'. Pond5 has no safety protections in place I guess because I was not notified of the payment method change or the login attempt from a different location/computer. I assume there was a security breach at some point but I do not know how to prove that. It's easy to prove I was not paid since pond5 can find the drivers license of the owner of the payoneer account and can verify that it is not me... do I have any real recourse here though?

Im not sure what to do and am wits end, if you have any info at all, or anyone you know I can contact that might, please let me know.

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If the guy is in the US I would put out a warrant for his fraud. Start there then sue. Sorry that this happened to you