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Hi! I'm new. Rate my photo ^^

Hey guys!

I recently joined the Fstoppers community. As I am still looking for my style and preferred genre, I just wanted to have your opinion on this image. It's just a simple backlit portrait that I took from a friend of mine while I was in Brazil. I found that with most of my " boudoir/ glamour " images, I prefer natural light. Any feedback and tips are welcome.

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awesome. but it can be made all beauty by face show.

Lovely image. I have 2 comments / suggestions. 1. I'm not sure the focus is as sharp as you might want it to be. 2. I think just a hint of fill - reflector (keep most of the mystery - mood) on the near side might open things up a little. All said, working with shadows to have this mood is tough - there really isn't anything "wrong".

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The image is good for starters. Before you pick up the camera to capture any image you must decide what type it will be. For example, is the image going to be just a snap shot, ie shoot and that's it. Or will the image convey a story. What will the image say. Do you want the image to say something about you or the model. Do you want the viewer to see what you see. There is a thing called pre-visualization. I believe this means to see the image in your mind before you pick up the camera to capture the image. This is what separates the snap shot from a photograph. Your friend is beautiful. The camera obviously loves her. i hope you continue to photograph her and share your images. I am new to this site. I have had a passion for photography for twenty years now. I started capturing images on film and now digital. i have never had the opportunity to capture any images in Boudoir style. Thank you for sharing this image.

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I like the mood of this capture. Natural light is great at times, and I am a big fan of natural light. I think to make this image even pop out better you could had either open another window to let more light in front of her face, or had her change position where at least some of the sunlight would of shine on her face a bit. I do however like the idea of this shot. Keep shooting buddy. :-)