Comments for Model

My model said that she'd like feedback on her shoot.

Please comment toward the model, not the photographer (me).


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George Popescu's picture

Frontal face pose works the best, and also she must smile more, the shot in which she is smiling naturally is the best one out of the bunch. Also, she must try not to keep her arms and hands so close to her body all the time, just play with them or put the hands in her hair, or one hand on her waist or something else.

Pete Whittaker's picture

It's hard to comment on the model without knowing what you were directing her to do. Were you posing her or was she posing herself?.

I think she's gorgeous and generally like what she's doing, particularly her facial expressions - her faint smile makes me think she's thinking about a secret only she knows.

I can't tell if her "big smile" is forced or you just caught her when she was about to laugh.

Her hands and arms seem tense - the way she holds herself and sort of over-closes her hands. If you have it, you might show her the section on posing in the Joey Wright Fstoppers tutorial - he goes into some detail on hands and creating separation between the arms and body.