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Caribbean Boudoir Shoot - I Would Love To get Your FeedBack !

Hi Guys !

i have so Work on my Page for you guys to give me rates and feedback please !
i would love to get more tips and tricks and ofcourse connect with more creators

thank you !

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Due too her Status as "Miss International Curacao" she Could Allow to show much, Thats why she used stickers , but yes normally i would have showed a little more Cleavage . But Thank you For the Comment

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The first pose looks a little awkward. maybe if she was sitting on the chair, rather than resting on her leg. The second pictures works expect for her left arm. Maybe if she was pulling slightly on the nightie with both hands. It would also mean her right hand wasn't partially out of shot. Otherwise I like the lighting and the expression. Nice connection with the model.

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The First Picture i have a version of her sitting aswell ! i might work on that one next ! ... Thank you So much !

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The full length shot is an interesting pose, I'm am distracted by everything else in the shot. The highlights have washed out and make me want to squint. :) There seems to be light spill all over and the lampshades compete with her face. The floor lamp and table could have been moved out of the scene and then pull the sheer curtain to soften the window light. Good color! The head and shoulders shot is good, maybe a tighter crop and I would prefer it to be a tiny bit warmer.