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Introduce yourself...!

Let's have it. If you want to be in this group, we welcome you. But be sure to introduce who you are, and links to your work, etc.

Please note, this group bans anyone posting pornography.

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Hi guys! Thanks Nino for starting this group.

My name is Rafael Orczy, I am from Budapest, Hungary. I started to shoot boudoir photos only last year. Usually I shoot with natural light, still working on my portfolio. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. I'm here to learn :D
Couple of pictures on my website:
And couple of more on my fb site:

Jeremy DuBrul from Chicago IL! Have take a Nino class here in Chicago.

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Ray Akey from Windsor, Ontario Canada. I began studying and learning to shoot boudoir photography in 2003. Here in Windsor, I run a commercial studio and love to help women (and men) feel beautiful and empowered through our medium of photography. I am still learning to (and sometimes struggle with) building studio sets.

FB page:

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Dwight Smalls, currently living in Jacksonville Florida. Lover of all things glamour.
Some work from my FB account

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Dan Roerick from Fargo, ND (nodakphoto) - Canon 5D3, 24-70f2.8 II, 70-200f2.8 II, Alien Bees.
IG: @nodakphoto

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RJ Barnes, from Oregon. The majority of my experience has been in product/stills.....and the majority of that was done on film. Lots to learn........

Jim Van Luven from Troy, MI. Primarily a wedding photographer, but enjoy all aspects! Much work on my facebook profile
Working on a new website as I bring my new studio online this year

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Hey, I'm not glamour photographer but I shoot it time to time and enjoy it, wish I could afford to shoot it more.

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Sup peeps! Angelo here from the land down under. Thanks for having me!

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Greeting from Japan, My name is Jared I started shooting as a photojournalist for the USAF, then had the opportunity to work on a Tactical Bikini Calendar and learned how to shoot glamour. You can view my work on FB at

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Hi, I am Ashley from Saint Louis. I am a model and a photographer. I love photography because it's a passion in my life which nothing else in this world can compare to. I enjoy meeting other photographers, networking for publications and also learning my craft more each day. Excited to be here and open to any mentors out there willing to help me become the best photographer I can be.

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Hi I am Bach. I live in Auckland, NZ. I love glamour photography but I often get the look from ppl when I say I shoot models in lingerie but I guess it's the risk I took when I decided to follow this path. I started shooting last year and am still working on my portfolio. I hope to learn from all the great photographers here.

My 500px:

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Hi everyone, Stefano Chiarelli from Italy
I love to travel and started to shoot portraits less than one years ago. Hope to learn a lot from you and from this sharing group

Jimmy D here. I've been a working glam and tease shooter for quite a few years, most of it in the adult industries working for companies like Vivid Entertainment, TeraVision (Tera Patrick's company) Hustler, Playboy/Club Jenna and more. I've authored a blog, for about 9 years writing over a thousand articles about glam/tease photography. I've also authored 5 ebooks on photography with a 6th on its way soon. (I hope.)

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Hi Guys,

Henry from Melbourne Australia. I just shoot for fun. Too many good glamor photographers in my town to do this as a paying job

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You should pin this post or something.

Hi all! My name is Anh Nguyen, from Maryland, US. My friend got me into photography a few years back, and I've been hooked ever since. Not a professional, just a hobbyist. Looking to learn from everyone. Unfortunately, while I dabble in glamour genre, I'm no expert. More of a jack of all trade and master of none.


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Greetings all, I am new to the site and was happy to see some amazing skills from familiar names. I enjoy being married to my muse, but have done private work for friends. I'm here to learn and admire....

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I am looking forward to see this group grow and get some inspiration
my work can be found on :

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Mabuhay! Chris here.. from the Philippines. FS people rocks. I learn a lot here. (and still learning). :-)

I work as a Beauty and Lifestyle photographer. I want to learn more about Glamour Photography.

Keep on learning guys!

My Portfolio: