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Hello, Jose here. I am a portrait & fashion photographer based in Switzerland.

Excited to see how this group develops. Thanks for creating it fstoppers & Nino:)

Sometimes I do something with a touch of glamour but it's more to have a try.
a few work samples

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Salvador Avila's picture

Hello from Merida Mexico ;... i love the Black & White image

Dylon Algire's picture

Very nice work! The bottom image orientation is a little confusing for me though. It seems like it's fighting to be both horizontal and vertical. Might just be me but I think if you took the picture from a slightly lower angle it would seem more like a horizontal photo.

Just my opinion though. Great work.

Dan Howell's picture

Hello- Is that model in the black and white shot Gabi by any chance? I have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of occasions. Nice shot.

Jose Cusati's picture

Hi Dan, no, it's Katia and she is from Paris.

Dan Howell's picture

Also very pretty. She reminded me of this model from Budapest: http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/25193425

David Moore's picture

I dig the b&w one. Very cool.