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The ROI in Glamour Photography...

I love to shoot Glamour, but getting clients in this area, at least for non-commercial is near impossible in my area where I have to compete with female clients always preferring a female photographer and the female photographers obviously use that to their advantage. My only option is to shoot for publications as stock or assignment, even then I've heard pay is bad there and tough to break into as its a tight nit group of photographers who are allowed in by publishers. My best option is to move to a better geographic area to compete better and easier or just do glamour for fun on a the side once in a while since glamour does cost money and I do not mind spending if the ROI is decent or great but ROI for my in glamour is far too low to invest more than once a year project for fun. I know some say get models to trade/TFP which I can but the models that are actually worth shooting to get some publications interested are models that require payment with USD or at least guarantee publication by a reparable publication.

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