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Comments and criticism please

Shot this today. Any help to improve my photography would be appreciated!

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I love this shot! I don't know what you were trying to convey, but to me, it cries out "I'm vulnerable." without a word, but from the expression on her face, to being alone and naked in the dark.

very nice black and white conversion

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Thanks!! All the BW conversion was done through Lightroom.

very nice, it has a symmetrical twist. good lighting and skin tones. Eyes appear to be tack sharp. very good job. would like to see more of the beautiful model.

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Fun story actually. She's not a model, just a co-worker of mine. We wanted to try some new lighting and got some awesome shots out of it.

Really great photograph!
Maybe it's just me, but I think the cheek bones could be a tiny bit underexposed.

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Very nice shot. What was intent? Camera and Lens?

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Really nice and clean shot ! love this

It's a lovely image, but I'd personally try to apply the same retouching style to the whole image. The face looks a lot different to the arms and chest.
You could say it's subjective on the treatment under the eyes compared to the veins on her hands, but just makes it look inconsistent maybe?

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It is a nice image but there are a couple things that personally don't sit well with me:

- I feel like the D&B on the face might be a tad too strong.

- I can see the burn marks from your brush on the background on the left and right side by the ears and neck.

- The crop is just a bit odd to me. I think I would have preferred it cropped a little tighter, or a bit further out.

Otherwise it is a great image, fantastic expression.