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Introducing Myself

I am an addict. Yes, a headshot addict based in Sydney, Australia. Started Photography 7 years back as an international wedding photographer. Absolutely enjoyed every bit of my time capturing the gorgeous bride, ceremony and precious moments. However, after the birth of my daughter, I decided to stop all the travel and focus on portraits and headshots and since then no looking back. Most of my work is on a weekend and even though its not a full time job, I charge for my work :-)

Attaching an image from my recent assignment where he was looking for a killer linkedin profile pic.

If you are in Sydney, please give me a shout and we can catch up for coffee and exchange a headshot as I love connecting with people.

Lets also connect on Instagram: www.instagram.com/tmlens/

Look forward to connecting > Learning > sharing here.

Regards Biju

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Craig Jeffries's picture

Hi Biju, great intro. I'm in Sydney, send me a message if you want to catch up.

Cheers - Craig