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Sometimes you don't need the whole image

My dear Vitalii Pleshkov,

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I like the style of the portrait - colors, lighting, etc. But I don't like him bisected. lol. It looks too out of balance. Your works are spectacular, however. I just don't like this particular view. Maybe if it were cropped closer to his shoulder.

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Hi Vincent, I appreciate you honest feedback,.I am thinking to do more half portraits, for some reason I like it. I cannot explain why. However, I think you maybe be right about the cropped area, maybe next time I will give more space to the right side. Still experimenting.

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And please don't get me wrong. Your work is outstanding, and look to your style and works as inspiration. You're clearly talented and someone I need to study to help me grow and progress!

Don't crop! :) I think it's a great shot. I really like the use of negative space, especially the way the light just falls away. You'd lose that if you cropped tighter. And I think showing half the subject's face works well. You could do it with shadow as well if you wanted, but this is far more impactful.

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I like - would make a great magazine cover for Mens Health or similar. Is stylish in the way it surprises. He reminds me a little of Vinny Jones out of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels!

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Thank you for your nice comment.

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I like it -- wouldn't do it for every portrait, because I think the look here supports it, but other "looks" might not. I also like the way the light fades in the "empty space" making it very much not empty.