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Ashley Looks Amazing

Canon 6D and canon 85mm 1.2 1/8000 sec ISO 100 critiques always welcome

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Bernd Stoeckl's picture

Honestly that is over the edge post processing - to me.
Looks like a barbie doll in plastic.
Sorry to be so blunt - but I am German

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everybody entitled to there opinion I have very tough skin, but thinks for the feedback

Greg Fulton's picture

Well Perry,
I can't say too much on the post processing side of it (due to inexperience), but the 85mm killed you at f1.2. The purple fringing and soft focus in the eyes steal the show away from this vibrant, punchy summer shot. I shoot my 85 mkI at f3.2 or even 4 to get rid of the fringing and nail focus better. Yes I loose a wee bit of bokeh, but it saves the photo.

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Gorgeous! Don’t like Sun on her right shoulder or hair on chest. Pose is lovely, nice background. Just beautiful!