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First Headshots

Headshots do not at by any means make up the majority of my work, but I got a request to shoot one for a tech company. Thoughts?

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Part of the left hand visible but hair cut off.
Shirt has dirt on it.
Double reflection in the eye looks unnatural remove with PS.
Skin color is too much magenta.
Color balance overall is off towards magenta - also grey in the background and highlights in the hair shows clearly this tint.

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Thanks for the critique, most the work I do is outside so these aren't things I'm always looking out for. Thanks for the tips man.

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I recently started trying out some headshots too, Its been really fun and a great learning curve! I would say this is a good first attempt, for a company headshot I think it does the job well. The only small things I would pick up on is to me it looks a tad out of focus, I would recommend trying to get the focus on point with one of the eye, secondly the guy looks a bit bored and tired (I know you cant help that a lot) but thought I would just mention it. Well done!

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In Germany where I live that would not satisfy a company picture, which should be an advertising for it. So no glitches allowed in my view.

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Thanks man, Its actually a screeshot from my website so thats why it looks a bit soft, but its actually tack sharp. As for the expression, I wanted to keep it a bit more towards the serious side. I feel like smiles give a sort of cheesy mood to the corporate photos, but maybe a slightly more upbeat expression though would look a bit better. Thanks for the tips

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I'm not an expert on headshots but it feels that the crop is a bit off the left side is heavier than the right.

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I personally think the crop is fine. The background is lit well and there's nice enough separation between backdrop and subject. A few things I would suggest:

A crossed arm pose can come across as uninviting as well as he is leaning forward/kind of hunched. Back straight, chin up, and forehead slightly forward works for most of my shots.

Some of the shadows created by your key light could be solved by moving the light a little more in front of the subject or having him turn a little towards the light. It would take away some of his wrinkles and the sunken eye look.

As for the expression, being more serious is fine but you also don't want to look mean haha. I like to talk and make jokes about how awkward it must feel for them to be in front of the camera and as soon as they laugh or smile I take the shot. Doesn't work all the time but worth a shot.

I would clone out his hand and some pieces of fuzz on the shirt as well.

Not bad at all though! I've taken much worse haha. Look up Peter Hurley if you haven't already. But then again you are on Fstoppers and they are who introduced me to Peters work haha.

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Thanks for taking the time to write all this man. I really appreciate all the feedback. Yeah I've looked into Peter's work, I was watching a bunch of his videos before this shoot to get inspired and motivated.