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IMANI - Constructive critiques welcome.

Sony a7riii
Sony gmaster 24-70mm f2.8
ISO - 800
Single flash approximately 18 inches from model

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This is an awesome shot. I love the lighting and the background. If anything I would say maybe a rim light of sorts to pull her off the dark background a little bit but it's not really needed at all. Maybe fix some flyaway hairs? all minimal and me just nit picking. Better than I have been able to do myself haha. I did want to see what it would look like with a tighter crop so I hope you don't mind that I tried this. keep it up. Love it!

I love the lighting and her expression. I too would like to see a hair light of some kind because she is falling into that dark background.

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About the original cropping! To me, she is stepping out of the shadows, in to my light.

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Very nice portrait though with the totally black background I would crop it more as it does not add to the scenery.