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Beauty Headshot for Model Portfolio

Beauty Headshot for Model Portfolio... Sometimes the basic idea can turn into something very interesting... Nikon d800 Nikon 70-200 VRII Two Rotalux Deep Octa with Nikon SB910 Background was light up with Speed light with blue gel on it... Specs 200mm F4 1/200s ISO 200

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Great Shot Rafal

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In portrait mode would be more then perfect

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Nah, I like the wider look, makes it interesting. Nice shot!

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I didn't commented your picture.

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Thank You for your comment and feedback. I guess thats the personal taste... I can always crop it :)

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Really well done, Rafal. A beautiful shot!

Beautiful portrait, whatever the mode. Excellent use of lighting. Lovely skin tones.

Hello Rafal. What a beautiful image. I like this style.
Where did you took this shot? Just one Octa? Did you use reflectors? Thank you Jérome

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Please check my YouTube channel... there is behind the scene video with all the details.

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For model portfolios is the model or agency giving any directives or preference on images? Or do you find people are coming to you for your look and trusting you to give them a result that you design?

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It depends on the shoot....sometimes I have specific requirements ...sometimes the give me a free hand to create what ever I want.