Hi! Im Christopher.

I'm beginner in headshot, and environmental portrait. Living in Gdańsk, Poland. I'll be grateful for constructive critics and advices

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You've got a great sense of colour and composition but in the last two shots you are shooting too close and getting perspective distortion of the nose - see how the tips bulge and widen so they're more like snouts? And the cheeks are really bulging in the third shot.

People think that an 85mm on fullframe is a close headshot lens. It isn't. If you want to frame this tightly then you need a 135mm. Or around 90mm on apsc. If you're using mirrorless then you can use a vintage manual focus lens like a Tamron SP or Vivitar Series One or Jupiter 12, so it needn't be an expensive change. Or an m43 camera with something like a Minolta 58mm standard lens can work well.

Thank you! Few months ago i have buyed a 85mm 1.8. I think i will start to using it ;) I didn't really see that distortion - but you're right! Ps. Sorry for my english ;)

If all you have to do is change a lens to get your shots perfect, you're doing really well!

>> Few months ago i have buyed a 85mm 1.8. I think i will start to using it ;)

So you're shooting an aps-c? An 85 should be perfect. Btw, if you shoot at very narrow depth of field then

1. Don't focus and recompose - put a focus point on the eye

2. Consider using liveview if you're shooting with a DSLR - not every DSLR's main phase detect is accurate enough for narrow dof, but when you use liveview you focus on the sensor, so accuracy is perfect. (If you're using a mirrorless, then your main focus system will be fine, because it's on the sensor too.)

..I think those are the only things you need to worry about.