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Meet Ann!

She is young plastic surgeon based in Moscow. Critique, comments are welcome!
Shot on 5d Mark4 with 24-70/2.8 on 70mm and f6.3. Continuous light - Flexible LED panels.

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Alberto Coronel's picture

Well done! I love that you kep the natural looking skin.

Alexandr Balakin's picture

thank you! i don`t like over-rotouched skin all over the internet. so unflattering

Don Atzberger's picture

Nicely done - I like the Hurley-esque lighting and composition.

Jonas Häll's picture

I think you nailed the lighting here. Super subtle and nice rim light coming in from the right. The catchlights are great.

Jon Meadows's picture

This is a great shot! I like the lighting setup. It really works.

If I were to be really picky to give you an idea of how it MIGHT be improved, I'd like a little more squinch in the eyes and SLIGHTLY more friendly in the mouth.

Sweet shot!

Alexandr Balakin's picture

Yep, you right! A bit more emotion could make this shot excellent. Thank you =)

JAMES FLACK's picture

nicely done... looking at the Catch Light in the Eyes did you use a version of a Ring Light but more squarish?

Alexandr Balakin's picture

I used Peter Hurley`s style setup - in this case 3 LED panels arranged in a L bracket. Actually there was a square and i used right LED for back light to get more depth and separate from black background.

Natalie Miles's picture

The lighting is perfect!