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Looking for feedback

Recent head shot session with one of my favorite models. During some experimentation I came up with a few images that I liked. Captured with a Nikon D700, a Nikon 35-70mm AFD f2.8 lens, a couple of old Vivitar 283's and a reflector. Feedback appreciated.

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angelamarie's picture

I’m far from expert so keep that in mind when reading my comments.

On the first two her hair blends into the background and not in a dramatic way. In my iPhone atleast, it looks almost like her face is floating. A rim light in her hair would help with that. I do like the dark background though. You just need to find a way to make her gorgeous hair pop out from it.

The lighting on her face is flattering with the exception of her eyes being half in shadow so you can’t see much of the color. You could lower the light a bit to resolve that.

It looks like you are using flash rather than continuous lights because her pupils are big. I’m very inexperienced with flash but I believe if you make sure there is light behind you that is bright enough to close down the pupils but not bright enough to affect your image it will make more of her eye color show.

The third one is technically lit better IMO and you do see more of her eyecolor but I prefer the dark moody shots looking straight on better for overall styling.

Thank you for your feedback.

Stephen Glass's picture

agree w/Angela on the separation but it just depends on the look you're going for. If you want some separation change the bg or add a couple of reflectors to each side to bounce some of the vivitar back into her hair. That's the most affordable way to get some edge light on a black bg.
I think it's so cool you're getting this great a look with the gear you're using. Shows you have a great eye. Shows that the latest gear doesn't matter if you have a great eye. The only other thing is that the lens is "pulling" a little, barrel distortion, on the final shot. But it's a look and who's to say it's not a good look.
I say, Wow! Interesting subject! Great eye.

Thanks for your feed back. BTW all of the images were lit the same except for the third one having a light on the background. Thanks again.