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Local Politician

Recent session for a local politician.

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Mike Young's picture

Is the space to the right for copy? It seems there is quite a lot of dead space otherwise. The subject itself is very well shot.

Jared Wolfe's picture

This strikes me as a good stop or more underexposed. The lighting pattern itself looks good but key light is not bright enough.

Douglas Turney's picture

Thanks for the input Jared. Yes the space to the right is for copy. Looking at the image I agree with you that the key light is a bit dark. Especially now seeing the image on a different computer screen.

Douglas Turney's picture

What about the lighting on the face of this one? I'm looking at the post on FS and my copy on my computer side by side and the FS image is slightly darker overall.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

As far as the exposure goes, it'd check up on your histogram and make sure it's spread (within reason). Also, if there's a white shirt/dress in the shot, compare it to a white reference point (editor background, browser background, etc).

For the initial photo, you can clearly see it's at least 1 stop underexposed. It can be confirmed by comparing the white shirt to the browser white background. Notice how the shirt is grey and dingy like.