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Corporate headshots

I did some headshots for my colleagues at my day job. Comments welcome!

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Jared Wolfe's picture

I think these look great. Not much else to say.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Nice clean lighting.

Some thoughts:

--on her left shoulder, am I just seeing things or is the fabric coming undone. Probably just the design.
--I would have had her move/brush her hair from her neck.
--centered the cross.

Image 2:
--her hair on camera left is a mess. For camera right, looks odd to have the bulk of her hair on that side in respect to how she's facing and your angle. I would have had her flip her hair to the other side like image1. If that's not possible, changed your angle to camera left and adjust the lighting as necessary. Oh, and fix her hair. :) Or, had her face more straight on.

Alex Herbert's picture

Thanks for the feedback, it is her top doing something weird, I'll Photoshop it. Great point about image 2, I totally overlooked that. These are the first 'corporate' headshots I've done so hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes.