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The challenge of shooting outdoors.

A shot from a class I ran last weekend on Portrature which took place outside. This particular shot was taken at the entrance to an old railway tunnel which provided some interesting strong contrasty light. In a situation like this, given the high contrast, I always feel its a good situation to exploit for B@W. As I frequently pass comments on other photographer's images, it's only fair to put your own out.

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Image 1 is better, I'd delete the B&W image from your post.

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I'd pay attention the the hands. In this case, her left hand is awkward. looks like an amputee or something out of place. I would have shown more of the hand, or tucked her hand deeper so only the sleeve is showing.

The colored version is stronger. The BW looks flat and you're losing a lot of the light. Toggle between the 2 a few times and you'll see what I mean about the light.

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That's interesting about the hands, for me, the hand position gives a feeling of tension and unease, which in this case was the point of the exercise. I never pose models, it more about giving them something to think about. I was teaching a small class at this point and was taking them through my approach and I said to Evie, the model, that she reminded me of a scene from Dr. Zhivago, which is when she reacted by gripping her coat and putting on that look. I think the pay off using this approach is it can give shots more of a natural fresh look rather than a static forced pose. People all have their own way of being, standing, sitting looking, etc so rather than telling them how to position limbs and look, I instead give them something to think about that prompts 'the pose' and gives the photographic opportunity.

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I don't think her hidden hand is really lending to the tension and unease look because:

1. You can't see it. You can't see she's gripping/clenching the coat inside.
2. She looks too relaxed. Expression and posture.

The photo to me feels like she's at a bus stop and is reaching for her phone or a map/schedule.

But, whatever mood or theme you're going for, it's possible to do it without their limbs looking awkward, IMO.

Ps. Now, it's starting to look like an ankle to me. :)

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I agree Eddie. For her left hand to have context there, a small glimpse of a Colt Python would add an element of mystery to things. The viewer then composes a story in their mind to explain the 'whole' image.
In this shot, she very deliberately holds the coat with her right, and is doing 'something' with her left. Given the darker vibe of her surroundings, it sure ain't to get her lipstick out! So, in my eyes, either hide her hand or enhance it.
Cheers Eric

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Exactly, as soon as anything goes into the public domain, photo, song, artwork, photograph, everyone who looks, hears or experiences it, is at liberty to make up their ow valid story. While I think internal angst, someone else is equally right in thinking ‘colt python’ but I imagine it would more likely be a Glock 19.