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Actress Headshots in my Alexandria VA Studio

Had a headshot shoot recently with an actress in my studio. I went for a simple clamshell lighting setup. We did a couple of outfit changes and a couple of backdrop changes. She really like the simple grey background shots and the dark brown background. The shot with the chin up was not really used for actress headshot portfolio but just as one she happened to really like for personal use.

All shot with Hasselblad 555ELD, 120mm or 180mm, P45 digital back.

Lighting was Profoto Pro-6 shooting into a 41" silver umbrella. Silver reflector underneath.

You can see more of my model actor headshot work on my website

And also on my Instagram:

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Lovely shots.

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Thank You!

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Love her smile in second one

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They do look great. I think you nailed the photos. I've found that some agencies don't like a plain background. Some don't care. I assume she did her homework.You obviously did. They look great.