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Trying to improve, critques welcomed

Been shooting portraits and headshots for a little over a year. Just looking for feedback on how to improve, and where I'm missing the mark. I shoot mono-light.

First shot is a self portrait, which was interesting to take.

One note, the 4th photo I know is dark and the expression is kind of blank, but that was requested specifically. He wanted a sort of dark/mysterious/serious vibe to the shot.

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Of course, photography is subjective. And different types of os headshots allow for different styles or have different "requirements".

That said, I like them.If they were my photos, I'd bring up the whites a bit. I would not want anyone looking off camera. And _I_ would avoid black and white. Oh.. and I think your faces are a little shadowy for my tastes. A little seperation between the subject and background would go a long way, I think.

But I think they're decent. I particularly like the 3rd and 5th. Just the slightest squint on the third might have been great. And the 5th is just perfect other than the deep shadow.

Again, I think those are your call and I like what you have. I can only speak to what you might consider.

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appreciate the time you took here. Great insight. I love bnw, which is why I made that choice, and I also was going for a more rembrandt vibe. Definitely the squint on the 5th would've been better.