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Would love some CC on these headshots :)

Would love some CC on these headshots. Is the DoF a bit too narrow, should the light be a bit more harsh, is the colors good? :) I went for a cinematic style, the filmlook, which also explains the crop of 16x9. I've also added a little noise to give it a bit more edge :)

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Тhey look good.

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Some really nice work here Mads! Lighting and light balance is really nice! I also like the complementing colors of his shirt. The top shot has great connection with a very nice confident expression, overall on most of these I probably would have taken a couple steps back, thats a bit of taste though...however stepping back a bit would add a bit more context to the cinematic feel I think. Kicker placement and power is nice in them all, and I like the outtakes too! My only real suggestion is to get the Key light in even closer, this will help soften up the shadows and falloff on his face a bit more....nice work!

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Thanks alot Dylan! I can't seem to agree with myself if I prefer a bit more DoF - such hard choice! :P I'll try with getting the key light closer, since I like the soft light. How is the colors? I'm a little bit red/green colorblind, so I'm having a hard time judging skincolors.

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colors are nice man! You could go a tiny bit warmer if you wanted, but only a tiny a bit...but thats a bit of taste too as they are they look accurate to me

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Hey Mads
Really nice shots! I'd agree with Dylan about backing the shots a bit. I think when the crop is so tight the shot becomes more confrontational even with such an engaging subject. As for the DOF, the more the better. It's all about the eyes in a headshot. Everything else can fall off to a nice blur. Again, really good work.

I love the last shot. Its so super natural. You can't ask people to do that! I see his personality shinning through there... The second is my next pick, Its a great Look. The others look staged to me. - Colours are a bit on the cooler side with extra magenta... But this could be your style... Bokeh, is sweet.. Softening the shadows as per Dylan's suggestion would make a difference..The light is a bit harsh. The 4th image is a solid rocking shot man!