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Meng Keat Tan's picture

My noob try on Headshot

Did this last month. Ligthing using 2 Yongnuo YN-560III flash in a 120cm Octobox and a reflector. Flash trigger by Yongnuo YN-560TX.
EXIF: 1/80s | f/8 | ISO 90 | FL 90
Post processing : LR minor adjustment, PS frequency separation for skin correction.

Appreciate your comments


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Seppo Hakkinen's picture

Something funny happened in PS to the nose and upper lip??

Chris Ingram's picture

The reflector bounce seems very strong. Because she has fairly shiny/oily skin, you can really see a lot of shin being created on the underside of her nose, and also really lighting her ear.

The composition also feels a bit off to me. I think I'd like it tighter, but she also feel like she's leaning out of the back of the shot.

Also work on getting your subject to loosen-up. She looks quite tense and not relaxed.

Good job on the over exposure and 'finish' on the shot.

Meng Keat Tan's picture

Thanks for the advise.