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Cinematic headshot

Hi Team,

So, I have been quiet inspired by the style of Dylan Patricks headshot's, I haven't yet bought the tutorial as I wanted to have a go at making my own version first!

This is my first attempt at the cinematic look but overall I am happy with the outcome. Learning more about getting the best from my model as well as my own work is a hard task but it's all about practise and committing till I've got it right.

Would love any CC :)


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Deion Teo's picture

Great headshot, the bokeh is just like DP! Might want to go crop alittle more towards the head to draw have more emphasis! But still a great shot!

Gaston De Cardenas's picture

Crop tight other than that great image

I think your background and lighting are spot on. His pose feels just barely too extreme for me (like he is cranking his neck). Love his expression though. Great job.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Nice work on the lighting and expression! I agree with Lee, having him tilt his head at the neck to camera right and a little face turn to camera right would give a more confident pose. Everything else is nice stuff! Well done.

ben mark's picture

Thank you gentlemen, it means a lot :)