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Shadow Ban on Instagram affecting business?

Has anybody had any trouble with this shadow ban? I thought it was just a rumor at first but I've noticed that my post are now getting significantly less interaction. I used to average about 250 likes per image, now it takes forever to break 100.

For those who haven't heard about it, their saying that if you post your hashtags in the comments, your image will no longer appear on those feeds. You have to post them in the description and not over saturate them.

It has suffocating my posts. I wanted to know if anybody else was dealing with this and if it has seriously affected your business because of it.

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Looks like you were not effected by the ban. Rather you felt the effect of the Instagram algorithm change.

My post from around March were getting close to 300 likes and my follower account was just above 500 at that time ie https://www.instagram.com/p/BSP4mxVBw4T/?taken-by=mutka

But after the algorithm change that meant post were no longer displayed chronologically my engagement dropped like a rock to around 100-150 likes per post. There days my followers have grown to just over 1k and most days my posts get around 200 likes https://www.instagram.com/p/BSP4mxVBw4T/?taken-by=mutka

BTW you can test the ban at http://shadowban.azurewebsites.net/?username=mutka&mediaUrl=

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I've tested a couple of my posts and I've definitely been banned. Its a shame. Its now that much harder to build a follower base on social media.

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A lot harder yes and slower. Just have to be on the first wave on the next big thing in social media when it comes along.

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I just tested too and I was banned as well :( I've tried everything to build a base of followers and I just feel like I'm getting nowhere... then I start to second guess my work. gah!

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if you have a second account that doesnt follow your main account you can check if you have been shadow banned

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That's actually a really good technique to confirm. Although I think you have to abuse the instagram system quite a bit (follow following, mass hashtaging in comments, posting flagged hashtags or photos, using 3rd party apps etc.) before they really shadow ban anyone.

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I'm dealing with the ban as well. It's mostly about not working hashtags(( I read a lot of articles about it, followed all recommendations but no luck!