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DSLR vs Mobile Posts

A major question that always comes up is "Are all your shots with an iPhone?". Yes, a majority of the posts I make to Instagram are mobile shots but that does not mean I only shoot with my iPhone. For many client shoots, even social media based clients I always have my DSLR. When posting to Instagram I would say 90% of all my shots are from my iPhone but not limited to that. The freedom I have with a DSLR is much easier to edit and create exactly what I am looking for when shooting for a specific product or brand. Now the question of DSLR or Mobile its not one or the other, its both. I will use whatever tool I need to get the shot for the client. They understand this and ultimately put trust in me to get the best shot possible in the end. Either way its comes down to the shot. The camera is simply a tool used to create it.

The shot here shows the majority of the very day items I carry. A DSLR and 1-2 lenses max, my iPhone and mobile lenses, wifi enabled SD cards and various other accessories for the daily shoots.

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I'd assume you meant to add Android/iphone, me personally I only do it for BTS shots. But most of my photos on my instagram now I do finished shots with my DSLR.

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Cool. I mostly post my slr/mirrorless pictures. I actually have a pretty neat workflow from lightrrom. I have an export preset called "Instagram Dropbox", that exports to a specific folder inside my dropbox folder. It automatically syncs with dropbox, and I can open the edited slr/mirrorless photo via the instagram app in android. The whole process takes about 30s.