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The photographer's eye

Hey folks,
Can I have your critics on my photo ?
I'm new here and new on photography as well. Any advise and tips on how I can improve, would be very appreciated :)

This photo has taken using my Sony A7II with a Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm F4 lens, and a graduated ND filter.
This lens is not meant to be used on mirrorless cameras, but leica film cameras. For this reason post-processing corrections must be applied and the picture lost sharpness on corners.


Apperture: f/11
Shutter: 1/2s
ISO: 320
21mm prime

The objective of this picture is to capture the "mystique" about the photographer's eyes. For this reason, the dark corner is on purpose. It helps to create a mystic mood in my opinion.
The shutter on 1/2s was intended to capture movement, but nothing too exaggerated. Just enough to perceive the water movement and the wind causing a blur on that bush.
The iso on 320, was needed to balance the nd filter just enough to bring those rocks to life. No bracketing was made, this is one shot picture with post-processing.

About the composition, I tried to create a "tension" between the photographer and the pier.

If you want to see a bit more on that sequence of photos, or more I have a few photos on my 500px and instagram at @dogasantos
Thank you guys in advance!

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Michael Lacy's picture

Hi Douglas,
welcome and thanks for the image post and explanation. I enjoy hearing the story and thoughts behind shots. Your creative approach works nicely. I like the image a lot and have only a very minor suggestions on the photographers position in the image. The right foot could use some space around it and his head touches the horizon line. Both grab my eye and thus distract me. I'm glad the camera display is not "on" and distracting - good job there. One last thought / question....why is the photographer shooting the pier with such a spectacular sky? All critique aside this is a very strong shot. Congrats!

haha nice Michael! Thank you so much !
This is a nice sky indeed! Shot at Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.
Best, Douglas