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New to Fstoppers - constructive criticism please

Hi all - picked up my camera again for the first time in years and had a refresher course with a photographer / ranger of 30 years in Yosemite National Park in Jan 2017. Was fortunate enough to be able to get into the park during a snowy time. I was trying to channel Ansel Adams a bit here. Haven't had anyone look at my photos in years, so would be keen to get some feedback.

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Yogesh Dhakal's picture

firstly my eyes are pulled towards your watermark .. the qr code,camera information and whatever that is in the top .. you want us to look at ur picture .. don't you ???

Anonymous's picture

Keep in mind, I'm a perfectionist. :-)

The first shot is really good but low-hanging fruit.
For the second shot, I would have composed a little to the right in order to remove that bit of mountain sloping up on the left side. It leads your eye out of the frame.
The third shot needs to be cropped a little to remove the gap after the trees on either side.
The fourth, from the top, needed to be shot with a tilt-shift from that position. The converging trees really detract from the composition.
Fifth shot is unbalanced.
I really like the sixth shot. :-)
The seventh shot...not so much. Your foreground elements aren't interesting and less so for being out of focus.
The eighth shot could be stronger if you lighten the church a little to give it some separation.
The ninth shot is good with the same exception as the second.
The last shot is really good but I would have increased or decreased the shutter speed: the waves are just soft enough to be annoying. Also, I would have removed the rocks in the lower right corner.

Thanks, Patrick - really appreciate that helpful feedback. Cheers!

Dudley Didereaux's picture

I will give you this, and a first place ribbon for having the worst watermarked photos I have seen in years(or ever hope to see again.) If you expect constructive criticism/critique on your photos then get rid of all that garbage that you toss on top of the print!