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Dunseverick waterfall Northern Ireland

It was on of those mornings where I had my alarm set for 3am, then I had to drive for 2 hours to reach my destination and I had to stand in the freezing cold for 2 more waiting for the right light but you just know it was all going to be worth it.

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Pretty good, just dial down whatever setting caused the white haloing around the rocks and the sky ( clarity or oversharpening usually )

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Yes That Halo really annoyed me as it stands out pretty bad but Ill give it another go. Thanks for commenting

But how did you do it? Did you manually mask two exposures in PS or is it all automated? Or even a third thing, did you use a graduated filter?

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I used Elia Locardis blending technique from the tutorial Photographing the world. It is two exposures blended with various PS editing.

Ah okay, I've could have said myself, you haven't used a filter, with the static skye and the long exposed water. But I agree with Chris about the halo. The last thing is about personal taste, but im not that much into saturated pictures, and yours is a bit too saturated for my taste. But I really like the composition, and the lon exposurre looks great!

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It is possible to get a static sky with out a filter weather depending of course. Thank you for looking