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When all is right

As we are still in summer it is probably a horrible thing to dig into the archive/portfolio and pick out a photo from October landscape. This is taken at the Maridalen lake (maridalsvannet) which is the main drinking water source for Oslo, the capitol of Norway. I was standing on the other side of the water with a 300mm telephoto lens on my tripod when I saw the fog came sliding down the hill and landed into the valley before the water. Creating a mystical setting around the farm house on the other side of the lake.

To me this has always been an image where I knew it would be great when I shot it. It is one of the first real good landscapes I shot digital, it is taken with a Canon 400D and Sigma 300mm F2.8. I enjoy looking back on this. I wonder what and how I would have done things different had I shot it today?

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I don't think you should doo anything different. It's a great photo. Amazingly moody!

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this is such an atmospheric shot - love it! only problem i have with it is the black blob (bush?) on the left side. i feel as though it would be better cropped out

Leif Egil Hegdal's picture

Thank you for the suggestion

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Agreed... I think a slightly tighter crop all-round to exclude the stand of trees on the right too (and give you a rule of thirds composition with the shoreline).

But a really nice photo!