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Dark Silk

Would love some CC for my work.

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Good one, Yogesh.

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thank you siddhartha .. greetings from finland

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Dear Yogesh, this is a great mystical-looking shot!

For a useful CC, we need to know what was your intent when taking the picture. What did you want to say? What did you want your viewer to feel?

From your title I am guessing that the focal point is the blue mesmerizing look of water flowing through the landscape. I do get a feeling of silk as I watch your image. Great job.

I have a question, though. Did you want the bright blue water in the left top corner to take away my gaze after all? Do you see the bright birch trees as helping with your idea of a shot or being a distraction? Depending on your answer, you could crop the image or (better yet) change the angle and a zoom while on the location.

I hope this helps,

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Hi Leonid, I am still in a stage where i can't actually put into words what i want my viewers to see. Most of the time i go out to shoot when the light is not on my side (i.e, i need to go out to shoot during my offdays and i don't pretty much have any options since m not a dedicated photographer).

Almost always my pictures are instinctive. As we reached this place it was almost dark. All i could think was a long exposure so that i could capture enough light and have the water smooth in the same time.

Now when you have pointed out the birch trees and the water in the top left, I can see that it is distracting for sure. Probably this is how we learn getting to know others point of view.

Thank you so much for such an honest critique. I believe i still have to learn more on composing the shot and brush my english more so i can describe more clearly what i felt at that point.

The title was decided after PP. :)

Thank you again.

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you are saying you are not sure yet what your message is. This is quite normal, we perceive visual world intuitively without translating into words. It took me some time to learn how to turn the view into a description.

Looking it your Aurora, Blue silk, and lighthouse pictures, my guess is that you are attracted by the beauty of Nature. Your message (only my guess!) is "look at this luminous sky/water, see how perfect their shapes and colors are!"

My advice would be to look carefully at the stunning view you want to shoot and try to decide what part of it is dominant, most important for viewers to notice. Once you make this assignment, you simply build your frame around it considering all other elements in terms of whether they help to see or distract. This is when I find myself walking around a lot trying to find an optimal position with the best view. Zoom lens helps, and I always expect to do a crop of the final picture (meaning that I zoom back a little bit after finding the best view).

Hope this helps,