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The milky way over the rocky's!

What do you think of my first attempt to photograph the Milky Way?

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Asoka Edussooriya's picture

Excellent Shot!...please share the settings you used. that might help other as well to try this out

Matthijs Bettman's picture

I shot this with a Nikon D3x + Nikkor 20mm F2.8D
Exif: iso3200 F2.8 25" with a headlamp to light the for ground.

Cathleen Shea's picture

First attempt... score. Nice sky detail. Technical detail... the light on the trees in the foreground feels disjointed to me. But your first Milkyway... dammnnn good! :)

Matthijs Bettman's picture

I used a headlamp to light that part (it was the only think I had on my at the time), so I think that's bugging a bit. Maybe not the right colourtemp. or something! :)
Thanks for the comment!

Cathleen Shea's picture

I'm still fumbling with light sources for light painting at night. I've tried a few different brands of flashlight... presently trying to justify the absurd amount of money I spent on an Eagtac flashlight. Reviews said it had a good bulb for natural light projection. Which it does... but the dang bulb gets offensively hot in a short amount of time. I usually forget my headlamp is still on then freak out a bit when I see the red color on the foreground. Oops. Yep, I'm a noob. LOL

Mikkel Beiter's picture

Great first attempt! Well done :-) The next thing to work with is balancing the light sources. In this photo I would darken the left bottom so it's more balanced with the right side.
If you wanna make a banger composition, then I would warp the Milky Way to the center of the photo, this would make the path lead directly to it.