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What do you think?

a shot made in one of my favorite places in the west coast of Sardinia for landscapes!

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Hi Luca, great image. I had look very hard to to see the foreground, those stunning dark brown sloping rock face. It could just be my eye sight here. Since we are a global network, you might get a different response from else where.

Thank you for sharing..

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Hi Elan, these rocks have a color that tends to red, maybe that's what you do not get convinced! I hope you understand your comment! in my different profiles there are several photos taken in this location to be able to recognize the actual color of these rocks!

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Sorry, my laptop does not have a HD screen, so...I will take your description as accurate. Thank you. I will wait till day light for a better view.

This is great, congratulations

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thank you Baris! :)

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Hei Luca! Nice shot! I think that the sky it's too contrastet and it look like not really good with the contest... I think also that the rock is lighted in the bad way: they're a little bit too bright and there is too much difference from the water exposure... Little things.... The image is beautiful! :)

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I think it is stunning. I like how the smaller stones in the water in the foreground balance the Milkyway with a similar pattern. The diagonal lines of the large rock formations are an excellent frame for the Milkyway. The subtle colors are very pleasing to me.

Hi Luca, great composition elements. But overall I think the image is too dark and the sky seems over-processed, which is a common problem with Milky Way shots. I think if you decrease the contrast and saturation in the sky, lighten the center and perhaps leave a faintly darker vignette on the rocks it would help a lot. The rocks in the water in the foreground are very nice and some light dodging would bring them out as well as increase the feeling of depth in the image. Wonderful potential in the shot, you have a great eye for composition.

Beautiful capture Luca :D