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Lighthouse at Haikaa

Haikan majakka which means lighthouse at Haikaa in finnish. I have posted again looking for some CC.

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I love the smooth water and clouds. While the plants/reeds do lead the eye towards the lighthouse and trees, it does feel a bit crowded in the centre of the image. A perspective from one side or the other might be worth a try...but maybe this was only spot you could shoot from without getting wet ? :-)

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True the only spot I could reach without getting wet :)

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I really like the color palette and the smooth water.

CC: The reeds in the middle of the picture compete with the lighthouse for attention. I would suggest to crop the image to emphasize the lighthouse.

I could post a crop of your thumbnail to illustrate the idea - if you are interested.

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thank you so much Leonid Yenisei .. of course i would love to see your illustration.

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Yogesh, here is my crop. It is a bit extreme but to show you the idea. I cropped from left to reduce sense of a mass of reeds encroaching on the lighthouse, and cropped from bottom to remove dark foreground stones and reeds stalks. I also cropped from the right and the top to place the light of the lighthouse tower at intersection of 1/3 lines of the frame.

As a result, the tall reeds are off to the left from the 1/3 making them less noticeable relatively to the lighthouse. This is the effect, which I wanted to get. The downside: the sense of expansive lake is completely lost as well as interesting colored area in the sky to the left. It is your judgement to decide what element is more important to keep - all depends on your message to the viewer.

In my experience, it is very hard to perceive from the viewfinder and the camera screen what unwanted stuff the image gets. I usually take a dozen of images shifting my position sideways and down to the ground. At home, I often find that the best image is what I thought was the worst position...

Hope this helps, good luck with your photography journey!

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This image is excellent. I am new to this website. One of the basic rules of thumb with regards to photography is never place the subject directly in the middle of the frame. You want the viewer's eyes to travel across the entire fram of the image. By placing the subject in the middle of the frame, you leave too much negative space on both sides of the frame. If I might make one suggestion, go on google and type in the rule of thirds. This will explain how to compose any image which done correctly, will take a viewer's eyes from one end of the image throughout the entire frame. Keep shooting. Thank you for sharing this image.