Yulong river, China

A photo taken during my recent trip to China, in the area of Yangshuo. Very nice place to visit. The weather wasn't great, stormy and hazy most of the time. With the numerous karst peaks in the distance, a clear atmosphere would be a must.
I found a secret spot on the bank, taking some rest in the shadow of a big tree and tried to capture the scene. I tried to bracket but I couldn't manage to get a nice composit of it. This one is a single shot post processed in C1 and Affinity Photo.
Any comment is welcomed.

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Jacqueline Joel's picture

It looks so peaceful and serene. I love the detail throughout the image.

Hi Jacqueline,
It was ! Sometimes you have to leave the main roads and continue all the way until you find a nice place. Thank you for the comment.

Tony Manttan's picture

lovely capture, nice peaceful scene

Carlos Santero's picture

Wonderful picture. I really like the scene of this unique landscape. Maybe you can crop it a liitle bit because wall on the left side disturbs a little bit.

That's a very good point Carlos. I thought about cloning it out and finally I didn't. But you confirm it would clean the image a bit. Thanks for your comment.