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CC requested

Hello All,

How can I improve this image. I really like the dappled light and the colours, but i feel that more can be done with this image but not sure how. Do you feel that the composition is too busy? Should I try to simplify it? If so how should I do it without loosing the intrigue and the mood of the image. Thanks

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Hi Adeel. There is too much contrast and too much elements in the picture. You must think...what do you want to tell? And then select de most important thing and shoot. I think that you have de pic in the tree iluminated by the sun, center your attention in it. Simplify your photos and try to go with soft light. The woods are a place with great dificult to learn, i know for my experience.

Hi Adeel
The shadows are too intense, the left part of the image is pitch black. I agree with Qasar, it's not always easy to get what you have in mind while shooting in the forests.

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Hi Adeel,

I agree with Qasar and Yannick. The details in the shadows are completely lost, but I definitely think that this composition has potential. Like the others have said, I think focusing more on a softer look will completely change this image. Also I find my eye gravitating towards the pop of teal blue in the bottom of the frame and has become the focal point.

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Thanks for your thoughtful comments everyone. I will revisit this image and try out the softer look. Thanks a lot