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Winter Milky Way Over Alpe di Siusi

Please rate my picture, I really want to know what do you think about it. Comments and critique are more than welcome.

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Crystal Provencher's picture

I think it's a beautiful shot! The stars are absolutely beautiful and I love the blue tone of the image, if I were to give any critique it would be to bring the shadows up a bit in the trees below the face of the mountain as well as a little on the cabin but that would be it.

Andrea Re Depaolini's picture

Thanks I will give it a try and see the result

Patrick Snitjer's picture

Yes - definitely a stunning shot! It's more of a personal preference, but I would have liked a bit more color in the scene, though that's very hard at night. But the composition, the subject and the technique are amazing!

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jan nilsson's picture

A realy beuautiful picture. love the composition and the subject, the only thing I think that is "not" perfect is the cloud in the left top corner. Bur I realy love this love this shot.