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My first image on Fstoppers

Hello, here is my first image on Fstoppers, which was taken in Banff National Park, 2016 winter. Cheers!

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Beautiful. Love the juxtaposition of the soft clouds behind the jagged peak and water reflection.

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Excellent capture !!!!

Very nice! I like this a lot!

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Vermillion Lakes! I think you did a great job. Beautifully composed and great colour.

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Love this one. There are many good points, beautiful use of leading line, the reflection. the clouds are helping to lift the image too. I like the warm and cold contrast in the clouds. Did you use focus stacking?

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Thanks! Yes, I did stack a dozen shots for the long exposure effects, I broke my 10 stop ND just a few days ago, so have to use a 3 stop and stacking.

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At the first moment I had the feeling that an ufo is in the sky, bit I realized thats tour watermarked signature. Beside of this the picture is interesting. The clouds a bit overpainted.

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Great composition and tones!

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Really excellent capture, and the reflections are so impressive !!!

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Sweet composition with almost perfect balance (IMO). :)

Great colors, beautiful. The only thing I would change is putting the signature anywhere else than the sky.

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Superb nice colours of light on the peak and catching the reflection in the water 👍

Excellent shot Jerry

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Very strong composition and natural colour. I like this a lot.

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That is more than a solid photo, thats beautiful.