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Just joined up

Hey all,

Just joined upto Fstoppers and I'm loving so much of the work everyone puts up on here <3

I'm pretty new to photography and figured the best way to get better is to learn from other, better photographers with the experience I'm lacking :)

This is a photo I took in Wellington, New Zealand of the Point Halswell Lighthouse.

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Hi, Ray. Im pretty new here too. Ill be posting my work up soon and maybe we can give each other feedback. Great shot, and it may be worth popping it into lightroom to bring out the details slightly in the dark areas.

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Hey 😊 I'll give it a try. I was trying for a bit of a "moody" photo so tried to keep areas a touch darker, but i see what ya saying so ill defos give it a try.

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Here is the edit with the foreground brought up a bit more - might need a LIL more but I did crank the shadows right up and it just kinda didn't suit I felt

I like the applied colors a lot.
What lens you use, seems that there are some perspective distortions.

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Thanks ☺ I was just using the canon 18-55mm kit lens. Sorry when you say perspective distortions what are you meaning?
Only been doing photography for about 6 months so im still trying to learn all the things 😓

Hi Ray, as mentioned I like the colors and actually the darker shadows gives the picture a particular mood.
Forget about the distortions, the jetty is uneven - my eyes too :-)

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haha All good, well thanks a lot for the positive feedback, appreciate it :)