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Are these Images good enough !

I am a bit confused about these images whether the crop and edits are done rightly ! Any suggestion is highly welcome.
I admit that I am a beginner in landscape photography, but I love it the most and I am interested only in improving it. so any constructive suggestion is much appreciated.

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I like the images very much but hate the signatures as they are very intrusive. I would suggest that you never put your signature in a blank sky as you did in three of these images. I would knock down the opacity of the signature to nearly invisable. The only image I do not care for would be the second its to busy for the mood you are trying to express.

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Thank you. I will definitely work on the watermark.

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I like them! :)

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All your images accomplish what a photograph should, IMO: evoke an emotion. For me the emotion is peaceful solitude. Good work!

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Thank you so much. I will try to be much better. Keep on encouraging.

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Personally, I like the images, except number 2. The water being in the middle of the image distract me a little. Feels like to separate scenes. With that said, the quality of an image is based on the person looking at it.

Personal, I love what water and sand do when combined together. Your shots give me the impression that I could walk into the photo and enjoy the beach.


P.S. I agree on signature location.

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Thank you. I have removed the watermark. I agree, they are too creepy. :P